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Company Culture

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"Sanhua Connotation"
The Flower of Management: Taking the implementation of the system documents as the breakthrough point for us to improve the management level, learn from the best of others, learn from the management experience of excellent enterprises at home and abroad, and form a management model with Sanhua characteristics.
The flower of science and technology: The core of Sanhua's competitiveness is to use its own development capabilities to develop products with high technical content and high added value; to develop high-tech equipment with its own strength to form independent intellectual property rights.
The flower of talents: Talents are our precious wealth. The development of a large number of knowledgeable, young and professional management, management, and scientific and technological talent teams is the driving force for our continuous development and growth.
The company takes "the flower of management, the flower of science and technology, and the flower of talents" as the cultural essence, adheres to the management philosophy of "people-oriented, technology-based enterprise", and implements the three-flower spirit of "striving for excellence and pursuing excellence" and "rapid response, immediate action" Sanhua style, continuous pursuit, brave in innovation, and strive to realize the ideal of Sanhua people-"Sanhua for a Century".


"Sanhua Spirit"
   Keep improving, the pursuit of excellence
  Innovation is the core component of Sanhua's corporate culture. The core connotation of "Keep improving and pursuing excellence" is that through continuous innovation and continuous transcendence, every management of the enterprise tends to be rationalized and standardized, and the enterprise continues to achieve rapid development.


"Sanhua Style"
   Quick response, immediate action
   is customer-oriented and market-oriented, solving problems as quickly as possible, which is a concentrated expression of Sanhua style.

"Talent Concept"
   Talent is the most fundamental driving force for Sanhua's development. Under the guidance of the president's "tree-root theory", the group has continuously implemented the talent concept of "people-oriented, ability first", realized the globalization of talents with an inclusive mind, tempered talents in practice, discovered talents in the ordinary, and made decisions. Trust talent. At the most suitable time, let the most suitable talents, on the most suitable platform, give full play to their greatest value, and realize Sanhua's centennial ideal with the strong cohesion and creativity of Sanhua people.

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